Trips for Parents

tfp1Kutna Hora

During our first trip we will stay in Central Bohemian Region and visit Kutna Hora. Kutna Hora is a city with a historic centre that is on the UNESCO list and represents a unique ensemble of more than three hundreds medieval and Baroque buildings. The most famous monument in the city is the Cathedral of Saint Barbara - patron saint of miners.

Other important sights include Cemetery Church of All Saints with Ossuary, Monastic Church of the Assumption of Our Lady and Bohemian Museum of Silver.

On our way back to Nymburk we will see the chateau of Kacina, the largest classicist building in Bohemia.


This trip is going to introduce our capital city to you. Prague is often said to be the heart of Europe, and the city does indeed lie in the centre of the continent. According to a state list it includes 2021 architectural monuments and you will see some of them: Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Jewish Cemetery, the Old Town Hall with astronomical clock and Wenceslas Square.

tfp6tfp3The Castle of Krivoklat

Our third trip will take you back to Central Bohemian Region. There you can see many marvellous historical monuments and this time it will be the Castle of Krivoklat. It was founded around year 1230 and completed in the reign of Premysl Otakar II. Its times of greatest splendour came only with the reign of Vladislav Jagiellon, who made it a major royal seat. At the turn of the 19/20th century the Furstenberk family carried out major reconstruction of the building and in 1929 sold it to the state. With its greatest artistic and historical value, Krivoklat is one of the most important monuments in the CR.

Then we will admire natural beauty of this region. The Bohemian Karst which hems a large section of the meandering River Berounka, is the biggest area of limestone in Bohemia. It includes rock formations, caves in typical karst slopes and a great deal of fascinating flora. We will see the most extensive accessible cave system in Bohemia - the Konepruske Caves, which are estimated to be between 300 and 400 million years old.

As this region is also connected with glass production you will have opportunity to visit a little glasswork and see how famous Czech crystal is made.

tfp4tfp5The Chateau of Konopiste

This time we will show you another beautiful sight of our republic - the Chateau of Konopiste. The original castle was built in the early Gothic on the model of a French castellum. Renaissance and Baroque reconstruction and additions changed the castle into a grand stately home, which was purchased in 1887 by the heir to the Austrian throne, Archduke Ferdinand d`Este, who had it altered in a romantic spirit. He was a passionate hunter, and so more than 300 000 hunting trophies are to be found in the renowned collections of the chateau.

On the way back you will certainly enjoy the ethnographic museum in Prerov nad Labem. Today you can see there 30 structures including 7 log cottages. All expositions present the life of rustic people in the Middle Elbe Region between the late 18th and mid-20th centuries.

For those who are going to join us on the 5 of July, there is a special opportunity to see medieval village Ostra with expositions of workshops of joiner, woodcarver, stonemason or blacksmith. You will also see how soap, candles, baskets, pottery or wine were made several hundred years ago.