The core team of professionals consists of:

  • Michal Ježdík - Head Coach,
  • František Rón - Coach,
  • Petr Mezera - manager, since 1995 organised youth basketball camps in Prague (1995-99, youth camps in cooperation with NIKE, 2002-2004, camps with NBA player Jiří Welsch). Czech Basketball Federation is one of the constituting members of International Basketball Federation FIBA; it is represented in FIBA's executive bodies by Jiří Zedníček and Miloš Pražák.


coachesThe goal of the camp is embodied in the following motto:

"At least in one group of skills, you shall make a step forward.
Think about what you do, and always think positive.
It is you and your qualities which are important, but you are doing it all for your team.

We want to provide the maximum possible, professional care to our young players, motivating them under the leadership of top senior coaches and senior players of European rank. Meeting experienced and successful individuals coming from various cultures, with varied approach to life and to professional sport, the youth will be inspired and motivated in their own growth and development.

Head Coach

Michal Ježdík (43)Born in the Czech Republic  Coach detail


František Rón (47)Born in the Czech Republic  Coach detail
Martin Augustin (34)The Czech Republic  Coach detail
Tomáš Kaprálek (34)The Czech Republic  Coach detail


Petr Mezera (45)The Czech Republic  Coach detail